Life Is Short

I lost my grandpa this past week and I wasn’t going to write anything but then I thought, that is why I should write this. Part of the human experience will be losing a loved one, unfortunately. The best we can do is reflect and peacefully accept. Doing so will allow us to move forward with healing. Sometimes, reflection can remind us of some important life philosophies.

Losing a loved one is always a hard experience to go through but sometimes it has a way to remind us of some valuable lessons. Here are 5 things that I was reminded of this week after losing my grandpa.

#1 – Don’t miss the little things.

Sometimes we are busy focusing on big important things that we forget to value and make time for the little things. Visiting or reaching out to a loved one for example. We take time with loved ones for granted sometimes but realizing that nobody is guaranteed a long life might make us appreciate the little moments with those we love.

#2 – Life is worth living.

No matter the circumstances, no matter the hardships; life is worth living. Life is precious, it is a gift. My grandpa lived with brain tumors and brain cancer for over 35 years and he never gave up. He fought hard to get better, to be there for the family. Life is worth fighting for. Always.

#3 – Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

What does to the fullest mean to you? Maybe you’ve been holding out on reaching out to someone or forgiving someone. Maybe living to the fullest means, you take that risk or make that trip. Whatever it is, do it! Do it now.

#4 – Live in the present.

It is easy for those that work hard to achieve success to live in the future. Envisioning what we want sometimes consumes a lot of our energy. The same is true for those that are dwelling on the past. A past relationship, a past success, a missed opportunity, STOP. The ONLY time that exist is the now. All you can do is all you can do now and that is what we should focus on. Be present when you spend time with loved ones. Be present when you are working on your dreams. Live the moment with your full attention.

#5 – Put first things first.

Think long and hard about what really matters to you. Stop misplacing your time, energy and attention on things that matter less. I would recommend that you asses where your time is being allocated in relation to your top priorities, often. Don’t let the daily hustle get in the way of what is truly important in life. At the end of the day, it is our actions that reflect our priorities. Where is your time being spent? That is what matters to you.