The C.L.A.P. Method: Obtain CLARITY Often (Part 1 of 4)

The C stands for Clarity, with clarity you get power.  Now, power is important but not for the reasons that you might be thinking. Real power is the ability to take action, and you need to be able to take effective action to create your best life and ultimately achieve your dreams.

But before you can take action, you need to have clarity.  The starting point of all achievement is having clarity.  By definition, we can’t achieve something if we don’t first know what we want to achieve.

There are three powerful questions you want to ask yourself from time to time to get clarity. I say often because obtaining clarity is not something you just do once – it is a process that you want to visit and revisit often.

1. Who am I?

This is a loaded question but a very powerful one. Who you are could be answered in so many ways but the areas that make the biggest impact is to think of and reflect on your identity, values and beliefs. In The Success Accelerator™ I take students through powerful core values, identity and a beliefs exercise to help them create a powerful foundation that they can build a successful life on. Take some time to answer this question and really think about your deeply rooted subconscious beliefs, identity and core values – when you shift those, your life changes.

2. What do I want?

Now, this is much easier for most to answer because it lives in the outside world. When most people answer this question, they immediately think of wanting more time, money, and health or wanting certain things or experiences but in order to achieve those results, we have to go deeper. Think about what you truly want in detail – envision your life vividly 10-years from now, then bring it to reality and lay out your 1-year vision that is in alignment with your 10-year vision. Then, develop a 90-day plan that will get you at least a quarter of the way to your 1-year vision. After you do that, focus on your 30-day targets and ultimately your daily and weekly tactics. Success is found in the process so enjoy the journey!

3.  Why do I want it?

In many ways, these questions are the most powerful of all because knowing the deeply rooted “why” is where you will find your biggest source of motivation and drive.

What is the reason you want to achieve that goal, and get those things? After you come up with the answer, ask yourself why again. Then, ask yourself why again, and again. Go deep and ask yourself why 5-7 times until you get to the real core answer. It’s in that core WHY that you’ll uncover the foundation to your mission in life. Keeping this reason top of mind will serve you well to maintain a high level of motivation throughout the journey.