Faith In Action

How many of us associate word faith with religion?  When I was growing up I would often hear the word “faith” referred to someone’s religious beliefs, so consequently, I grew up associating the two.  That changed when I began to study the psychology and philosophies of success and those that had achieved success.

By definition, FAITH is a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen. Some say that faith gives us assurance about things we cannot yet see.  Now think about those definitions for a second.  What beliefs do you act on that you have no proof for?  You might realize that there many situations or circumstances where you exercise FAITH.

The truth is, we all exercise faith every day but most of us do so unconsciously.  When we step into a building we believe that the roof will not collapse on us, unconsciously we have faith that the engineers and those that constructed the building followed the building codes.  When we are driving on the road where all that is separating incoming traffic coming at us at 40, 50 or 60 miles per hour is a painted yellow line on the ground, we have the faith that those drivers will not crush into us, we have faith that they are responsible licensed drivers.

You see? We use faith every day for almost all areas of our lives. It would be impossible for us to have proof and verification for everything instead, in order to function, we TRUST. So don’t dismiss the power of faith in your life, instead, make it a conscious practice. Have faith that you have a purpose and that you were created for more. Have faith that your best years are yet to come. Have faith that your goals will come to pass.

Faith will always provide you with the power necessary to get through a tough time. Faith banishes fear because fear cannot exist when you have faith.

Go out there and live with conscious faith, put FAITH IN ACTION.