How Do You See Challenges

Challenges come disguised in many forms, like setbacks, disappointments, failures, and roadblocks.

What matters most when those uninvited challenges occur is how we respond to them. Our response is what defines us and gives light to our character.

Successful people understand that once the challenge is in front of them, all they can do is respond to it in an effective manner. When a challenge comes up, successful people do three things:

  1. They ACCEPT them, because they know the past cannot be changed and all they can do now is deal with the chalenge head on.
  2. They LEARN from them, every challenge can teach us a lesson or two and make us wiser.
  3. Move FORWARD despite them, they look for the best course of action to resolve them, mitigate them and move past them.

There is no reason to fight challenges or feel down because you are having a challenge, that is waste of time and energy- once you are confronted with a challenge, you can’t change the past all you can do is move forward and respond to them effectively.

I would venture to say that challenges are sometimes what makes life more interesting and overcoming them will definitely make life more meaningful.

Maybe, challenges are an important part of our journey. Maybe they are essential to achieving success. And just maybe challenges make you stronger and set you up for bigger things later on in life.

When you encounter your next challenge, setback, failure or disappointment – DON’T React. Instead, ACCEPT that the challenge has occurred and focus on finding the best solution to resolve it or mitigate it. Find the lesson hidden in every challenge and then move FORWARD despite them. Life goes on and all you can do is the best you can do and the best you can do is always enough.