Stretching Outside Our Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is where we feel content about an area of our life. It is where things are good, they are not changing much, we have what we need and we are happy. We are constantly seeking comfort and when we find it, we unconsciously do what we can to stay there.

Yet, research has shown that highly accomplished people achieved success by constantly stepping out of their comfort zones.  To maximize our potential, to achieve greatness, to fulfill a bigger purpose, we will have to challenge that feeling of wanting to be comfortable and consciously choose to be uncomfortable at times.

Staying too long in the comfort zone actually starts to condition our minds, making it harder to step out of the comfort zone. This becomes a problem when our current comfort zone falls short of our dreams and the vision we have of our lives in the future.

If you encounter a decision that creates some fear, doubt or anxiety you might be at the border of your comfort zone. When you experience those feelings, ask yourself if what you are about to decide on will help you move closer to your goals and dreams, if it does – then go for it!

We must remember that feelings are not the truth, they are simply experiential information to accept, enjoy or process and/or act on. We were given a mind to assess those feelings so we could then act accordingly to what is best; balancing both our feelings and our thoughts. Yes, I know… easier said than done but very much possible.

Remember this, your dreams lie on the other side of many uncomfortable moments where you will have to stretch yourself to new heights; where you will have to challenge your character, skills, and knowledge. So, don’t let the feelings of fear, doubt or anxiety stop you from taking that step. Over and over again.