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We feel like we are just getting started and it is always appreciated when a customer has something nice to say. Thank you! Here is what some are saying.

I have the privilege of working with Jorge Raziel on one of my client projects. He's a visionary who truly gets business, specifically in the areas of marketing, social media, business infrastructure, strategic planning, research and more... He is a team player, a man with strong work ethics and integrity. He will be a value-add to your company.

Phyllis Thomas, Business Owner

Jorge is one of the most driven individuals I know. His work ethic is amazing. He knows how to problem solve and get results fast. His passion for helping others truly shows. I had the pleasure of being in one of his masterminds and it was such a great experience. I met really great individuals and got so much from it. It helped me set my goals for the year and get my mindset right!

Frank Barragan, Founder of Ad InicioLos Angeles, CA

Jorge Raziel is a very dynamic, enthusiastic and genuine coach. He provides you with practical approaches to solve every day problems. He brings you awareness of situations from various points of view.

Francelys A. Medina, Ph.D. University ProfessorState College, PA

Jorge Raziel has a God given talent to inspire many with his words. If you are in search of your true purpose in life or simply are in need of some motivation, Jorge can help you on your journey. Because of Jorge’s guidance, I have found the courage and confidence to follow my true purpose in life.

Martha Castillo, M.S. Educational ConsultantLos Angeles, CA

Since meeting Jorge Raziel, I can truly say that his passion for life and coaching is contagious. He has an ability to connect with his generation and provide leadership and wisdom beyond his years. He will be well sought out in the years to come as both a Motivational Speaker and Coach!

Tramone Miles, CEO The Miles Group PortfolioNew York, NY

Jorge Raziel is a highly energetic and entertaining speaker and coach! If you need to add some inspiration and motivation in your life or business then you need Jorge Raziel!

Ivan Lomeli, President of Success Masters by DesignLos Angeles, CA

I met Jorge during his coaching certification program. As a facilitator it's fun to meet the participants and quickly get to know the uniqueness of each individual in the room. Jorge definitely stood out. His true passion for inspiring others was more than evident…anyone who gets to work with him will definitely experience many benefits...

Alanna Levenson, Coach at I Love My Life CoachingSan Jose, CA

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