Leaving A Legacy

I truly believe we need more people coming together for the greater good of humanity. I believe we need to step out and transcend our self-imposed limitations – we need to move synergistically in the direction of progress – while we each leave a legacy built on our individual passions and talents. I believe the future of our world depends on it.

The dictionary definition of legacy is something that is handed down or is also defined as a gift of property or money through a will. Now, I am sure we are not just interested in talking about property or money so I see the value in clarifying a deeper meaning of legacy for all of us.

I see it as our God-given purpose to align our gifts, talents, strengths, passions, aspirations and our power to create to render the best possible service to humanity as we can. I believe this concept resonates with most of us and it will transcend all cultures. There is an inner human need to know that we are not here by accident. I know this to be true – you are no accident, you are here for a very special purpose.

In some way, through what I do, I inspire those I come in contact with to follow their unique passions and to live their best life; those two attributes are key ingredients to finding out the legacy we want to leave behind. In my coaching sessions, we go through a process of self-discovery where we explore values, identity, passions, interest and the needs of my clients to. I am confident that through a process like this one, we can shed light on which path to take in life. Ultimately, I believe legacy is the contribution we leave to humanity when we leave this earth; it is what we leave behind because of our existence – it’s what we do, who we become & how who we are influences those around us.

The greatest value we can bring to humanity, the greatest legacy we can leave behind to society begins by being our authentic selves and by utilizing our unique talents, dreams, and passions to bring value to others. It is my belief that the greater our self-awareness, the higher the chances we have in finding this life calling. There is no shortage of areas where we need passionate people making a difference, what area will be yours?

You can begin moving in the direction of building your legacy by asking yourself: Where am I going with my life? Consciously open yourself to the possibility of the changes that you will make ahead to align more of what is important to you and who you want to be with where you are going with your life.

I would challenge you to look at and constantly analyze the direction your life is going in and to have the courage to go in a new direction if that is the best path.

Until next time, keep living your best life!