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Designing Your Best Life Podcast Is For Everyone

Design Your Best Life started in early 2018 and is hosted by Jorge Raziel. This podcast is to share practical philosophies, strategies, and experiences so you can design and live your BEST life TODAY. So have a listen!


The Designing Your Best Life podcast was just published on Google Play and iTunes so you can listen to it from anywhere in the world.



Designing Your Best Life is not your average podcast. This podcast will be Jorge Raziel sharing good life philosophies; it is a medium for him to express his passion to help others. You won’t find other speakers, no sales will be made through it and you will definitely not see any hype – just raw passionate short messages.


The reason for having short messages is so that the average busy person can listen to it on the go. The average podcast will be between 1-3 minutes; they will be powerful reminders of positive principles to live by.


We are bombarded with input and noise from the outside world every single day and we have to make a conscious effort to feed it good information every single day as well to keep our minds working at optimal performance. Designing Your Best Life aims to give you those short reminders to help you keep LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!

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